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Know the band: WildEyes

Hey people, all good? Have you heard the band WildEyes? No? Then come to know why it is our indication today!

The band was formed recently in the year 2016 in Los Angeles by Crystal Douesnard (lead singer) and Thomas More (lead guitarist).
The band's proposal is to have the captivating melodies of modern pop and at the same time incorporate classic Rock.
They influences are: Metallica, Journey, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, My Chemical Romance, Led Zeppelin, Blink 182, Paramore, Lady Gaga, AFI and Michael Jackson.
Interesting right ?! And in practice it's even better!

Ep"Know Me Now" 

Launched in 2016, "Know Me Now" is the first project of the band, being an EP with 5 tracks:
1."Walk Alone"
2."By My Side"
4."Messin' Around"
5."Wild Eyes"
"Know Me Now" is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

New (and first) band clip

On July 25 of that year (2017) the band released their first clip! The chosen track was "Messin 'Around", fourth song of his ep.
I found it a great choice, since for me, this is one of the best tracks in "Know Me Now".
Watch the clip:

Now you can add "WildEyes" to your playlists!

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